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As technology connects us together, both shrinking and expanding our world, Mambokadzi DreamRadio is changing, too. A station of choice where REAL DREAMERS MEET AND CONNECT. Our motto is to be a “VOICE OF MANY VOICES” by offering a wide variety of people opportunities to share their experiences, concerns and perspectives with their neighbors, family and friends over the airwaves and Internet. Our diverse programming is intended to serve the needs of people not fully served by other media, and is intended to support healthy, informed, and vibrant communities.

Mambokadzi DreamRadio is a vital resource Broadcasting the Truth of the Gospel to the World. We believe in the imminent coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, educating, informing, and raising awareness of topical issues. Through radio excellence we will create a unique international resource, one that promotes unity, connections and fosters a sense of belonging. We will maintain a local, regional, and international focus for sharing news, opinions, music, arts, culture
We embrace the evolution of public radio, strategically plan for growth & change, and work in ways that make us a model for sustainability, creativity, innovation, and excellence.
Our Team

matters of the heart addressed

dr. beauty mwera goto muzadzi
DJ Manake

all time best dj ever

tatenda perseverance chatsakama
DJ Chazika

gospel musician - studio engineer

tendai chazika
Maria 1 (1)

iron lady administrator

maria chirenje
DJ Shy

zambia kuchalo

shy pario
Mai Mushanduri

preparing for tomorrow

takudzwa mlambo mushanduri
DJ Ashwet

non-stop reggae and dancehall dj

ashwet phiri
DJ Majaya

jesus is coming again campaign

pastor nicholas majaya
Studio Zim

the deluxe dreamers show

simie jones & madzibaba jeremiah

one madzibaba vasina shanje

revai tembo madzibaba jeremiah
Cme Jones1

studio zim founder & ceo

simeon johane

rap preacher changed man of god

francis modhlani

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